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Founded in 1751, Georgetown is one of the oldest cities in the United States.

Georgetown DC Real EstateGeorgetown became one of the largest cities in Maryland by 1771. Georgetown maintained its municipal status till the year 1871 after which it was annexed by the city of Washington DC. Georgetown DC is well known for its world-class educational facilities and is also the hub of commercial activity in Washington DC Georgetown DC real estate is an interesting blend of old town houses and upscale residential projects. In fact, Georgetown DC real estate dealers take pride in the fact that Georgetown still has some of its 19th century homes intact.

Georgetown is officially known as Georgetown DC (for the fact that it was once an independent city) and provides people working in Washington DC with viable real estate options. Georgetown DC real estate has retained much of its 19th century charm and is the ideal hunting ground for people looking for accommodation in and around Washington DC Georgetown DC real estate agents are well adept at helping people find what they are looking for when it comes to condominiums, townhouses and other architecturally diverse real estate options.

Georgetown DC Real EstateSince Georgetown DC is home to the Georgetown University and French, Mongolian, Swedish, Thai, and Ukrainian embassies, a considerable portion of Georgetown DC real estate is composed of upscale homes. Georgetown DC real estate agents are capable of helping people from all walks of life find accommodation that meets their budget. People working in and around Washington DC will find Georgetown the ideal place to begin their search for a great home. People planning on making a real estate investment in Washington DC real estate should look at the various real estate options available in Georgetown DC.

Georgetown DC real estate is a fantastic blend of modern homes and colonial architecture. Known for its well planned streets and upscale shopping malls, Georgetown DC real estate has shown incredible appreciation over the past few years. People that are planning on living in a town that has all the facilities of Washington DC minus the hectic lifestyle will love the options that Georgetown DC real estate has to offer. Known for its dreamy streets and well planned roadways, Georgetown DC real estate options are a fantastic blend of economy and facilities. Georgetown DC is so proud of its heritage that even newer homes are modeled on late 19th century architecture.